About NASM OnPoint Academy

NASM OnPoint Academy was created by "Celebrity Body Transformation Expert" Yano Anaya who’s professional teaching journey started in 2011. He was approached by the Owner of Atlanta School Of Massage in regards to a position as her (Champion) Personal Trainer Program Director. This was an idea of hers for a couple of years but just never found the “Right Fit” to spearhead her project. The Owner loved to exercise because she had a trainer (By the Name Abby Johnson) that came to her house 3 days a week for almost 10 years. Abby helped her lose over 80 lbs in the first few years injury-free. The owner wanted to add a Personal Trainer Program to her school that was built on the vision of public safety. 

In 2 short months, Yano was hired as the Education Director for The Atlanta Personal Trainer Program and chose the National Academy of Sports Medicine to be the foundational education for the future students.

Yano spent the next 6 months writing lesson plans, designing presentations, created the very first internship program in the State of Georgia, and then hired a staff for a 600-hour vocational Personal Trainer Program.

For the next 6 years, Yano successfully graduated 99% of the students that joined the program. He then wanted to pursue his passion to own his own Body Sculpting Studio and Integrate a NASM Certification Program. Truth be told that running the Studio was taking all of his time (He can’t wait to share his experience with you). So 3 years in he made a decision. And that was to Change his path ( more on this during class) and create a streamlined NASM Exam Prep Course that wasn’t just 2 weeks, or 6 months. 8-Weeks was the sweet spot to give the participant time to study at home and to be mentored in-person to reinforce you’re at home learning and learn the essentials to be a great trainer.

Not ONLY do we offer the NASM CPT Test prep course with weekly hands-on instruction, but all of your required course materials are already included in the price of our program. We only accept 25 participants in each class.

Meet Your Instructors 

Yano Anaya, NASM Educator

Two words—EXPERIENCE & RESULTS. Yano Anaya, the owner and creator of On Point Programming, Crew Core Body Sculpting Studio, and developer of the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program has spent 19+ years in the field of personal training. During his 6 years as the Director of Education for APTP he recognized a need for a more concise learning structure for personal trainers to establish a deeper understanding of Exercise Technique, Anatomy and Physiology, Client Assessment, and Program Design. Utilizing his years of experience, Yano was prompted to fine-tune a course that by passes all non-conducive information and streamline a practical focus that provides the best curriculum and environment for the individual to obtain the essential skill set for long-term success as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Why NASM Trusts Me

The National Academy of Sport Medicine 
Certificate of Distinction as an Academic Instructor

NASM, CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
NASM, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist)
NASM, PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
CFNS (Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist)
PN1 (Precision Nutrition)
FMS (Functional Movement Screen)
Red Cord Active Advanced Corrective Exercise
TRX Certified Group Fitness
VIPR Certified Specialist
Strong First Level 1

Abby, NASM Educator

Weed out all of the internet and Instagram myths superfast and earn trust from your clients with the knowledge you gain from experts. Using her many degrees and certifications, Abby went on to have a successful business as a body transformation expert. After helping hundreds of clients, she decided to get her Masters in Dietetics. During her Master's program, she was hired at the Atlanta Personal Trainer Program created by Yano Anaya as the Lead Nutrition Course Instructor. With over 5 years of teaching experience, she grew to owning her very own Dietetics practice. With a mission to give back and continue to pay it forward Abby joined the On Point Team to give you a top-notch education in Nutrition, and so much more.

Why NASM Trusts Me

Licensed and Registered 

Bachelor of Science
from Indiana University - 
Fitness Specialist Major & Nutrition Minor
Masters of Science from Georgia State University - Dietetics
(CLT) Certified LEAP Therapist from Oxford Biomedical Technologies
(CIFN) Certified Integrative and Functional Nutrition from 
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
(CPT) Certified Personal Trainer from National Academy of Sports Medicine
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